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The Celestial Cycle by Kelly Nunes addresses healing and well-being

The exhibition features five artworks and is held at the Age of Union’s Earth Center in Montreal, Canada

The Celestial Cycle by Kelly NunesSun Room

Kelly Nunes unveiled ‘The Celestial Cycle’, a collection of five artworks at the Age of Union’s Earth Center in Montreal, Canada. The collection was commissioned by Age of Union’s founder Dax Dasilva over the course of 10 years. The series, comprises of the Earth Room, Sun Room, Moon Room, Glacier Cave, and Black Hole Room, delves into themes of care and nature to address the discourse on healing and well-being.

Nunes’ creations serve as a poignant reminder of our disconnection from the outdoors, aiming to reignite a connection with nature’s healing qualities. Through each piece, the creative director and multi-disciplinary artist, seeks to instil awe and reverence, urging viewers to take action against climate change.

Within the series, Glacier Cave transports visitors into the heart of a melting glacier, utilising post-consumer plastics, responsive lighting, and soundscapes to evoke the sensations of thawing ice structures.

Earth Room welcomes guests into a lush garden surrounded by post-consumer paper sculptures, accompanied by soothing sounds proven to reduce stress hormones. This was done in collaboration with Nicolas Fonseca.

The Celestial Cycle by Kelly Nunes
Earth Room

Moon Room offers a close encounter with the celestial body, projecting a rotating image of the moon, enabling new perspectives and inspiring feelings of sensations of reverence.

The Celestial Cycle by Kelly Nunes
Moon Room

Sun Room, a collaborative effort with Adam Hummell, functions as a space for healing and meditation, featuring a sculpture of modulating light frequencies, ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ lamps, and therapeutic soundtracks tuned to 432 hertz. Drawing inspiration from the physics of black holes, and the profound transcendent effect they play on our collective consciousness, Black Hole Room immerses viewers in generative video content driven by audio input and body tracking. 

The Celestial Cycle by Kelly Nunes
Black Hole Room

Through materials like post-consumer plastic and reconstituted wastepaper, Nunes prompts discourse on conservation and degradation, emphasizing the healing power of nature present within each artwork.

Age of Union, founded in 2021 by Dax Dasilva, is a non-profit environmental alliance supporting global changemakers dedicated to preserving the planet’s species and ecosystems.

The Celestial Cycle by Kelly Nunes
Earth Room

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