The Bedroom – Unorganized yet essential

A survey conducted by IKEA in the UAE reveals problems and suggests remedies.

An online survey conducted by IKEA in the UAE revealed that the bedroom ranks as the most essential room in the home, but it is also, according to over 6500 respondents, the most difficult to organize. A quarter of those taking the survey admitted that the bedroom was the most unorganized room at home and that this caused negative effects on their overall mood.

As a result, IKEA has identified insights to facilitate mental wellbeing in addition to comfort, safety and function of the bedroom. To counteract the difficulty in winding down at the end of the day, IKEA suggests creating a relaxing atmosphere to support healthy routines and rituals.

In addition to sleeping, the bedroom is where people get dressed and seek quiet moments. Lighting is essential for these activities. During the day, natural light helps people feel and perform better, however, mood lighting encourages relaxation and specific task lighting improves functionality. While it is important to reduce the blue light from electronic devices, music can improve the harmony of the room.

Smart storage solutions and multi-purpose products help create an organized, less stressful environment that promotes an atmosphere of warmth and security in an uncertain world.

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