Studio Piet Boon delves into the world of product design

Studio Piet Boon unveils a series of new furniture offerings, encompassing a new sofa, swivel chair, and lounge chair

CARA swivel chairCARA swivel chair

Established in 1983 in The Netherlands, Studio Piet Boon has evolved into a globally recognized design studio renowned for its creation of harmonious exterior, interior, and product designs. At the core of the studio’s design philosophy, which is particularly evident in the Piet Boon furniture collections, lies a focus on the end-user. Each piece seamlessly combines convenience and style, integrating elegant soft fabrics with robust materials, and embodying the studio’s profound love for quality, design, and nature. These new products showcase Studio Piet Boon’s commitment to these principles.

In its latest indoor collection, Studio Piet Boon introduces three furniture designs that redefine the blend of comfort and elegance, reimagining indoor living dynamics. Preparing for the fall season, the studio presents the following additions for indoor spaces:

The CARA solid and swivel chair features soft, lavishly pleated upper cushions that harmonize
with the fabric of its sophisticated closed base, elevating indoor living spaces to a new level of sophistication and comfort.


The KEKKE lounge chair

The KEKKE lounge chair and accompanying ottoman are designed to promise a sumptuous, comfortable seating experience. The lounge chair, lower to the ground and featuring a tilted seat, pairs perfectly with the ottoman, both embellished with powder-coated steel frames. Its robust, yet elegant form, generously appointed with delicate fabrics, superior materials, and an elegant color palette, bestow classic comfort. The unique amalgamation of the fine leather, or fabric with the cool, powder-coated steel, cultivates the KEKKE chair into an enduring design icon.

BOB sofa is a brand new introduction following the success of the award-winning BOB armchair. The BOB sofa, available in both two-seater and three-seater variations, is an excellent fit for smaller spaces, whether in a residential, corporate, or hospitality setting. The design embraces users with soft forms. It features a high backrest and a relaxed, fluid silhouette, with deep cushioning for maximum comfort. The unique overlapping elements at the back can be upholstered with leather or fabrics from the Piet Boon fabric collection. The sofa’s cushions can be covered in a different material for a contrasting effect. As a part of the ‘Pigments of Nature’ theme, the new collection is a testament to the firm’s commitment to embodying the natural hues of its surroundings in both indoor and outdoor furnishings. The designers have strategically chosen materials applicable to both environments to ensure a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. As a result, the collection blurs the boundaries between the exterior and interior.

RAF Lounge Bed

The RAF lounge series further enhances the fluid dialogue between indoor and outdoor environments:

RAF lounge series – Studio Piet Boon’s first-ever upholstered series designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces, the series features movable rounded cushions on daybeds, following the sun’s trajectory, all while resting on an architectural frame.

RAF daybeds – single and double: the notable feature of movable cushions on the daybeds allows for optimal comfort that follows the sun’s trajectory, enhancing the lounging experience. The daybeds’ design offers weatherproofed elements, ensuring durability in diverse conditions.

The RAF armchair and loveseat feature sculptural shapes paired with comfortable cushioning to create an inviting ambiance. With a wide range of upholstery options from the Piet Boon fabric collection, these pieces offer adaptability to various spaces, ensuring continuity in design. The natural, untreated teak frame further enhances their beauty.

The RAF side table is a perfect companion to the RAF seating. Its sturdy structure, executed in natural untreated teak or optional concrete, lends an earthy touch. The side table, just like the entire RAF series, is designed to age beautifully over time.

The RAF storage basket elegantly provides space for towels, books, or magazines.

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