Six relaxing escapes with maximum design impact

Celebrate the end of summer at one of these design-infused hotels.

Nest Hotel - Incheon, South Korea

As the heat of summer lingers in the region, consider taking an end-of-season break at a hotel that offers great design along with relaxation and fun. Here are six great options to consider. Each unique property combines a brilliant setting with original style to enhance the already vibrant global locations.

Memmo Principe Real – Lisbon, Portugal

Perched high on a hill amid gardens, tranquil squares and a vibrant social scene, Memmo Principe Real offers guests an unrivalled, 180-degree view of the Portuguese capital. The transparent ground floor feels like an extension of the public square while the mix of classic and contemporary elements to provide warmth and comfort.

Hotel Viu Milan – Milan, Italy

Immerse your senses in Michelin-star gastronomy, stunning 360-degree skyline views and tactile textures of wood and leather. The bold building is framed with living greenery in the vibrant Porta Volta/Garibaldi area of fashion’s chic capital city.

Phum Baitang – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Among lush paddy fields and gnarled silk-cotton trees, this paradisiacal hideaway wrapped in eight acres of lush gardens is Cambodia at its most beautiful. The stilted wooden villas with thatched roofs are built on the principles of a traditional Khmer village while offering the ideal perch for soaking up tranquility.

Atix Hotel – La Paz, Bolivia

High style living reaches literal heights on the rooftop of this trailblazing hotel in the Bolivian capital where local materials and ingredients meld in delicious harmony. Designed to be a live-in art gallery, it features works by native artist Gaston Ugalde, who is known as the Andy Warhol of the Andes.

Nest Hotel – Incheon, South Korea

This cubist-meets-modernist structure on the island of Yeongjongdo cleverly blurs inside/outside boundaries with tall glass walls, maximum daylight and large stone blocks. Views of pine trees, reed fields and the calming Yellow Sea create a relaxing Zen-like environment for jet-setting guests.

Cugó Gran Macina Grand – Senglea, Malta

Endless views of the harbour, marina and the city beyond can be seen from the rooftop of this historic landmark built in 1554. Awash in a bespoke design created by local craftspeople, artists and top European designers, this one-of-a-kind structure pays homage to the past with contemporary comfort.

Photos: Design Hotels™

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