Review: “Jean-Francois Koenig, Architect” by Jean-Francois Koenig

Get lost in the pages of a good book—it’s the soul of any room.


Known for his uncompromising aesthetic and sincere desire to link environmental needs with a nuanced concept of public and private space, Mauritian architect Jean-Francois Koenig was only a student when he won third prize in the RIBA competition (judged by Norman Foster) in 1979. Years later, he is considered to be one of the 21st century’s leading architects, and this exciting new volume reveals why.

The lush, voluminous 320-page book is organised in two main sections that feature black-and-white and colour photos and drawings. The lengthy

introductory section with short yet thoughtful essays from authors including Koenig, David Thomas and Dr. Nnamdi Elleh, frames the volume; while its main section, with four chapters, houses the catalogue of his work.

While each project illustrates Koenig’s magical touch, stand-out projects include The Palace Hotel in the UAE, the Mauritius Commercial Bank, and the architect’s own Mauritius home and office. known as Le Ruisseau Rose.

A stunning volume that’s as much as a sensual escape as it is a journey through Koenig’s oeuvre, this is ideal for architects and travellers alike.

Jean-Francois Koenig, Architect

By Jean-Francois Koenig