Review: A 21st Century Palace: Asia

A rare, exclusive look inside a luxury residence created by two of the most preeminent designers in the world.

by Geoffrey Bradfield and Landry Design Group
Floating World Editions

Well-known in the field of luxury residential design are Geoffrey Bradfield, who with Roric Tobin heads of B&T Global, and architect Richard Landry, who together with business partner Brian Pinkett leads Landry Design Group (LDG). Bradfield’s roster of high-profile clients includes Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba Group, and Chairman Huang of Star River Group – both listed in the Top Ten Philanthropists in China. LDG’s client list includes Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Murphy and Sylvester Stallone.

In the latest edition in the A 21st Century Palace series, Bradfield teams up with Landry to create a palatial property in Asia. It consists of some 23,000 square metres and incorporates grand entertainment halls, intimate salons and over 30 bedrooms on 30 landscaped, lakeside acres. This sumptuous coffee table book documents how the monumental Louis XIV-style château, with landscaping by Robert E. Truskowski, is a synthesis of Eastern and Western cultures. Landry translated European classicism into a 21st-century vision in the heart of Asia, while Bradfield infused the château with his signature, elegant interiors. Both design firms incorporated Eastern principles of feng shui, numerology and symbology into their work, without abandoning the home’s classic French inspiration.

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