NEOM unveils Aedas-designed Gidori

A golf haven on the Gulf of Aqaba

In a recent announcement, NEOM has unveiled Gidori, an exclusive private golf community designed by global architecture firm Aedas. Situated amidst the picturesque coastal hills of the Gulf of Aqaba in northwest Saudi Arabia, Gidori aims to blend world-class golfing facilities with dynamic leisure options, catering to both enthusiasts and leisure-seekers.

Ignacio Gomez, the Global Design Principal at Aedas said, “Gidori is an ultimate experience of community living. A series of spaces offering points of connection between humans and nature.” The development is designed to seamlessly integrate with its stunning natural surroundings, offering upscale hospitality, premium residences, and a diverse range of sports and leisure facilities.

Gidori by AEDAS | identity

At the core of Gidori is a beachfront complex called the Monolith, which features a striking and awe-inspiring cantilevered structure. This complex is set to include 190 luxury sea-view apartments, along with various dining venues, signature retail outlets, and lush garden spaces. Gomez highlights, “Different textures of glass and metallic surfaces are adopted to create a vibrant movement of shade and light.”

Gidori’s centerpiece is its 18-hole championship golf course, which meanders through gentle hills and rocky outcrops. Alongside the golf course, 200 individually crafted private villas are planned. Additionally, the development will feature an 80-room boutique hotel offering unique accommodations, restaurants, a spa, gym, multiple pools, and an exclusive entertainment theatre.

Gidori by AEDAS | identity

In alignment with NEOM’s environmental ethos, Gidori will also provide natural recreational spaces suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and water sports. Gomez emphasized that, “Gidori is the power of bringing together people, community and nature to create a powerful new future.” Aedas continues to be a key player in supporting NEOM’s ambitious vision for the future, with ongoing involvement in other groundbreaking projects, including the Trojena Ski Village.

Technical sheet for Gidori

Project: Gidori

Location: Gulf of Aqaba, NEOM, Saudi Arabia

Client: NEOM

Design Architect: Aedas Middle East

Design Director: Ignacio Gomez, Global Design Principal

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