Nabil Issa’s deluxe minimalism

Inspired by his travels and heritage, the designer’s first furniture collection will launch in September.

Ski chair and footrest

Created with sophisticated, rich materials and an eye for graceful curves and clean lines, Nabil Issa’s first collection of furnishings will make its debut in Paris.

Born to a Lebanese father, the designer spent part of his childhood in Lebanon before moving to Miami, FL at 14. He has lived in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Milan, London, Beirut and Dubai, earning him eclectic cultural and professional experiences. Having studied Architectural Engineering and Entertainment Business in Miami, he has spent a quarter of a decade working in interior design, communication, brand building, marketing, advertising, music and film before pursuing his true passion for furniture design.

His background as a multilingual global citizen has shaped his professional identity, and he uses design as method of conveying his perspectives. Being a natural storyteller, every piece he creates is inspired by a memorable experience in his life, or a personal statement.


X chair