La Nena Coffee is a new hot spot where taste is present both in the cup and through its design

Located in Al Quoz, the coffee shop features organic shapes and natural textures

Whether you love coffee or design – or both – a stop by La Nena Coffee in Al Quoz, Dubai has become a must: a singular café, store and design studio all at once. Behind the concept is A Vida Group, known for mastering the use of local materials and traditional techniques from Galicia, Spain. Founded in 2005, the company has since become a reference in cementitious coating, exploring the material to develop innovative finishes for various types of buildings. In 2020, A Vida Group expanded into the world of interiors with the launch of La Nena Home to sell unique handcrafted collections for discerning decorators. 

“We have our own atelier in Lugo (Galicia, Spain), as well as local craftsmen working there,” says the team. “All our products bear the ‘Made in Spain’ stamp in every store. In our workshops, tradition is recovered, without losing sight of innovation and new technologies, which allows us to develop infinite decorative solutions.”

La Nena Coffee is one of La Nena Home’s latest projects. Featuring organic shapes, its cavernous interior immediately gives a feeling of fluidity. Throughout, natural textures and earthy colours characterise the warm ambience, complemented by décor and kitchenware that can be purchased in the adjoining store.

“Our mission is to offer the best coffee and explore its taste potential, accompanied by a selected menu and a carefully curated atmosphere, creating a 360-degree experience within the La Nena space,” says the team, who clearly takes coffee culture seriously.

Designed in-house, the space is an ode to the hand-made. The soft lighting and textures are inviting and contribute to the perfect harmony that is reflected in every corner. “La Nena’s style combines minimalist influences inspired by natural and Mediterranean landscapes,” describes the team. “We embrace the imperfection of craftsmanship, creating pieces full of personality.”

In addition to showcasing the Spanish savoir-faire, this place is also adorned with Middle Eastern shapes such as arches and curves, making the design relevant to its context. 

“Our coffee is roasted daily and served, along with our pastries, in crockery pieces from the La Nena Home line,” says the team. Offering a space in which to relax and savour good products, this café also gives guests the opportunity to discover the vast array of products and services provided by La Nena Home, which already has stores in Spain, Andorra, Italy, the Netherlands and here in Dubai – with locations coming soon to the United States, Mexico, Morocco and China. 

This hybrid concept is part of the retailer’s transformation that started a few years ago – a movement that focuses on creating experiences in immersive environments. With La Nena Coffee, the result is a delight both for the eye and the palate. 

Photography by Sergei Krasov

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