Italian duo Mirko and Michele Daneluzzo make Middle East design debut

Dynamic installation encourages public interaction and precedes new luxury interior collection.

The Italian duo of Mirko and Michele Daneluzzo recently founded Nyxo studio in Dubai, based on “the idea of a new trans-disciplinary approach to the traditional practice of design”. Building on a series of prestigious international collaborations, the designers say their new studio reflects their intention to “materialise our mature vision that is reflected in a scientific approach to design where theory is directly related to practice. The methodology is based on cybernetic sciences, where the wish to embody cognitive sciences to products and spaces is one of the main focuses.”

In the Daneluzzos’ vision, design is seen as a plug-in collection of methodologies that can be applied to many specific fields. They say: “The aim is a constant tension towards the smartest way to exploit the opportunities generated by new technologies.”

Their official debut on the Middle East scene will be during Dubai Design Week (11-16 November) through ‘The Maze’, an installation that explores the domains of interactive surfaces with sculptural quality. The designers say the aim is to “create an object capable of interacting and communicating with the public in a bidirectional way, creating a dialogue with every single visitor to the event in a literal and figurative way”. The installation consists of an interface with modular panels that can be rotated creating with each rotation a new and unique pattern.

The idea behind the installation will be translated into a series of commercial products with commercial and production partner Tecnoproject Srl of Italy. The output will be a collection of wall coverings designed for high-end public and private spaces, available in a range of customisable metal-finished variants, that are capable of creating suggestive and evocative environments.

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