Injecting ‘Rover’ DNA into Rove Hotel at Dubai Parks & Resorts

H2R Design was tasked with physically representing the brand’s ‘Explore without borders’ tagline.

Rove At The Park by H2R

When award-winning design studio H2R Design was given the brief for providing full interior design for the 3* Rove Hotel at Dubai Parks and Resorts – encompassing 579 rooms, public spaces, furniture, lighting and accents – it was asked to create a space for thrill-seeking ‘rovers’ to enjoy while being in the heart of the action.

This inspired the agency to create a physical representation of the brand tag ‘Explore without borders’, resulting in free-flowing spaces and playful touches.

H2R Design took particular themes from each of the three adjacent theme parks and water parks, “merging them into an eclectic hotel stay experience that takes into consideration the mindset of today’s travellers”. For example, hand-tufted carpets installed at the reception area symbolise queues at carnival rides, while the newly created colour palette is described as “a bold interpretation of a vintage carnival”.

Fun and quirky elements can be found throughout the hotel including wall pipes, large colourful bubbles, artwork accessories and wall graphics.

Despite its playfulness, the design maintains a level of sophistication throughout. Accents and details are bright and cheery yet flow into more relaxing spaces to ensure a comfortable experience.

“We designed this space with the contemporary generation of travellers in mind and developed ways to keep them connected and engaged. Our aim was to harmoniously bring together four contrasting elements including the bold amusement park themes, UAE’s culturally inspired surroundings, the need for connectivity and the essentials of hotel stay tranquillity. We achieved that by creating a natural flow from room to room and throughout the public spaces of the property,” explains Husain Room, Co-Founder of H2R Design.

The artwork selected throughout the hotel celebrates the brand ethos linking to the context of location, including the ‘Marhaba’ sign written in Arabic with lights on the ceiling of the lobby and the lenticular wall artwork at the entrance, which local artist Tarsila Schubert was commissioned to create.

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