In Discussion x Oikos: Deciphering luxury residential design

From sprawling estates to high-rise penthouses, luxury residential design encompasses a wide range of architectural styles and interior motifs. Whether it’s a contemporary masterpiece with sleek lines and minimalist interiors or a timeless mansion adorned with intricate detailing and ornate furnishings, the hallmark of luxury design lies in its attention to detail and uncompromising quality.

In collaboration with Oikos, identity brought together a panel of experts to discuss the intricate world of luxury residential design, exploring the latest trends, innovations, and challenges facing designers in this sector.

The Panelists:
The panel featured Vera Dieckmann , Founder & Creative Director, XO Atelier and Carina Lima, Design Director, Swiss Bureau Interior Design, joined by Stefano Neri , CEO GCC Director, Oikos Atelier Dubai

Some of the key themes discussed include defining the term luxury when it came to residential design, navigating budget constraints, and the use of sustainable elements in the project. The insights gleaned from the panel discussion serve to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in creating exceptional living spaces.

Watch the full panel discussion below:

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