identity Design Awards 2020 shortlist: Interior Design – Restaurant

This awards recognises any spaces designed for dining

identity is pleased to announce the shortlist for the sixth annual identity Design Awards 2020, which is set to take place on 4 November in Dubai, UAE.

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing this year’s shortlisted projects.

The Interior Design – Restaurant category recognises any interior space which people visit to eat and drink including restaurants and cafés. 

Here is the full shortlist for Interior Design – Restaurant: 

Deco Temple (Elixir Bunn Coffee Roasters) by Azaz Architects – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

Photo: Abdulrahman Bayashout

Azaz Architects created Deco Temple to take coffee lovers into a modern day spiritual-like experience. The structural column in the center of the space created a challenge for the designers. However, the team at Azaz Architects embraced it, transforming it into the center point of its design. New walls blossomed from the column, shaped into massive overreaching arches. The shape of the historic Islamic arches combined with the mud finishing contributed to the feel of local sanctity. Other standout features include the use of sustainable Italian Terrazzo for the floor and the deep blue spiral staircase.

Grapes and Dates by NIU by studioati – Dubai, UAE 

The brief was to develop a unique concept for the interior design and brand identity for the launch of ‘Grapes and Dates’ a new Emirati chain of Acai snack bar. Located in the Last Exit- Khawaneej food mall, the design had to be immediately distinguishable from other neighbourhood eateries. The interior space was a small gallery linked by a vaulted ceiling joined by two entrance doors, one to the inner food court and the other street-facing. A minimalist approach focused on only two primary materials: Terrazzo and a Barrisol stretch PVC ceiling. The selection of a stretch ceiling will allow for different ceiling shapes to be lit and decorated in the same manner. The three brand colours can also be interchanged depending on the location. Different artists will be commissioned for each of the additional branches.

Photography by Oculis Project

La Petite by BONE – Al Ain, UAE 

Bone‘s design intent for La Petite was to redefine the coffee bar’s volume as a monolithic sculpture in a cubist approach, that serves multiple functions as well as emphasises the essential role that one plays within a space. The selection and tonality of the materiality and treatment of surfaces epitomize the surrounding abundant desert sand, allowing the space to remain grounded in its location’s origins and create a sense of space. Mineral plasters in course and smooth finishes, soft linens, clay table lamps are complemented with the use of untreated aluminum Rivet tables and black steel Trianglo Chairs from Frama.

The Espresso Lab by Studio M – Dubai, UAE 

The Espresso Lab is a specialty coffee house founded by Emirati award winning barista and coffee connoisseur, Ibrahim Al Mallouhi. Situated in the heart of Dubai Design District, The Espresso Lab was intended to appeal to both coffee enthusiasts and the young upcoming design community. The aim was to step away from the typical modern industrial trend of coffee shops and curate an experience that felt more like a coffee museum than a café.  Striking a delicate balance between elegant sophistication and progressive minimalism, the soft grey walls and ceilings result in a monochromatic muted atmosphere that enhances the overall architecture of the space. The rattan chairs are reminiscent of traditional oriental coffee houses, adding a nostalgic cue to the experience. The natural beech finish of the furniture compliments the muted palette of the space, framed by the black patina steel details. Whereas the copper accents found in the lighting fixtures and signage pick up the warm hues of the stone.

Toplum Cafe & Restaurant by XO Atelier – Dubai, UAE 

TOPLUM, a brand new Mediterranean restaurant in the epicentre of Dubai’s bustling city, takes a new approach to high end dining. Redefining luxury by measure of quality and originality, the project has sought to promote an overriding experience of wellness, repose and positivity through its proportions, geometry, and light. Integrating bespoke furniture pieces and lighting solutions designed in collaboration with leading brands has given the space a distinctive aesthetic; understated, elegant and perfectly poisoned to allow guests to focus on the food.

Torno Subito by Bishop Design – Dubai, UAE 

Torno Subito is a visual celebration for famed chef Massimo Botturo who is known for his passion, creativity and quirkiness. The restaurant recreates his childhood memories through design and an innovative food offering. The brief was to simply realise the sentiment of Massimo having fun. A metaphysical manifestation of beachside days reminiscent of Rimini’s coastal playground in the 1950s and 60s were brought to life through the interiors.