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The book showcases a green tale of sustainability and design

At the heart of the Biella Alps in northern Italy lies Oasi Zegna, a 100 km² haven nurtured by ZEGNA since 1910. Recently showcased during Milan Design Week at ZEGNA’s headquarters from 16 to 21 April, ‘Born in Oasi Zegna’ captivated visitors with an immersive installation brimming with vegetation from this eco-paradise. This book is more than a narrative – it’s a visual odyssey and a tribute to ZEGNA’s enduring commitment to sustainability. With its cyclical theme mirroring the seasons, it weaves together captivating imagery, historic insights and evocative prose, inviting readers to delve into its pages repeatedly. ZEGNA’s legacy of community and environmental stewardship began with Ermenegildo Zegna’s reforestation efforts around his Wool Mill (Lanificio Zegna), bridging mountainous divides with the iconic 232 Road. Today, Oasi Zegna stands as a testament to this vision, boasting over half a million trees and fostering harmony between industry, humanity, and nature.

Born in Oasi Zegna

As the epicentre of ZEGNA’s values, Oasi Zegna transcends its physical boundaries. Its influence is expanding globally, starting with the donation of new flowerbeds in Milan’s Piazza Duomo on 19 April. This initiative marks the inception of a worldwide endeavour to recreate the essence of Oasi Zegna, emphasising the importance of urban green spaces in nurturing biodiversity and fostering social responsibility. During Milan Design Week, ‘Born in Oasi Zegna’ transformed the ZEGNA headquarters into a living gallery, inviting visitors to explore its lush pages first-hand. The immersive exhibition merged the beauty of Oasi Zegna with ZEGNA’s ethos, creating an experience that was both enlightening and enchanting. Available at zegna.com.

Born in Oasi Zegna

Born in Oasi Zegna

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