‘From the UK to the UAE’ showcases British design during Dubai Design Week

Designers such as Tom Faulkner, David Harber and Julian Chichester are part of the showcase

British design is being showcased during Dubai Design Week through an onsite activation, presenting a multi-brand showcase led by the Department for International Trade (DIT) is the UK Government Department – dedicated to assisting UK-based companies succeed on the global platform.

‘From the UK to the UAE’ features a selection of designers that cover a range of expertise and know-how that has established the UK as a leading design destination. Among the designers are Tom Faulkner, David Harber and Julian Chichester, all with an reputation for contemporary design that is inspired by tradition and British artisanal techniques.

Alongside them are brands such as Tala, DKT Artworks and Porta Romana and  illumination experts John Cullen Lighting, demonstrating their expertise in the art and science of lighting.

According to Laura Bos, Creative Sector lead at the Department for International Trade: “We chose the concept ‘From the UK to the UAE’ because of the deep ties between our nations in the areas of design and creativity. We wanted to celebrate the UK’s contribution to the UAE from a design perspective.

“As we approach the 50th anniversary of the union, we can reflect back on iconic structures designed by British architects from John R Harris’ Sheikh Rashid Tower to Dame Zaha Hadid’s Sheikh Zayed Bridge; and also look to the future, presenting the best of the UK’s cutting edge design sector today.”

Open across the entire duration of Dubai Design Week, 9-14 November 2020, ‘Design is Great: From the UK to the UAE’ will be located at Dubai Design District (d3), Building 7 (R011). Participating brands will also be featured in the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair launching 9 November.