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Exhibiting strength: AHEC

The American Hardwood Export Council announces its collaborations with AR Gallery and d3 during DDW.

With an industry goal focused on developing existing markets and finding new markets and applications for American hardwoods, AHEC has announced collaborations with AR Gallery for its ‘Trapeza’ seating installation and with Dubai Design District (d3) for its ‘Design 100’ initiative, both of which will be made using American tulipwood.

The two collaborations highlight the beauty and versatility of this little-known, yet widely-available species to the design community in the region. AHEC is supporting AR Gallery in hosting an installation – ‘Trapeza’ designed by Apical Reform – which is being built out of solid American tulipwood stained in different colours.

The installation is being made for and showcased during Dubai Design Week 2018 at the public outdoor area in front of the gallery in Building 6, d3. The design idea behind ‘Trapeza’ Is to create an interactive installation out of tulipwood that is built to be adapted by the users. The configurable twist of the ‘Trapeza’ allows endless possibilities for indoor as well as outdoor spaces. The bench, which is formed using a number of modules, gives a seamless linear and non-linear seating option and allows for different placements and the efficient use of any space.

Launched under the umbrella of d3’s ‘Design for Good’ project, the ‘Design 100’ initiative invited designers from across the UAE to design a piece of furniture or a functional object using solid American tulipwood or red oak. d3 is currently in the process of manufacturing 100 examples of the winning design in alliance with AHEC as its Knowledge Partner. These will be sold to the general public during Dubai Design Week and all proceeds from the sale will be allocated to Dubai Cares towards education in developing countries. As a Knowledge Partner, AHEC has elected to undertake a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the project, which will lead to a full Life Cycle Environmental Profile for each of the hundred pieces.


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