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Develop your design skills and unleash your passion for design, with the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) this Spring! The University is proud to announce its Spring Design Series of complimentary Workshops and Talks. Suitable for aspiring designers and pre-college students, participants will have the chance to learn with the University’s faculty on campus.

Here are the upcoming pre-college workshops this spring:

Mixed Realities Workshop

As physical and virtual spaces become increasingly blurred and inter-connected, ‘mixed-reality’ is inspiring new forms of technological research and design across many fields from architecture to sports, medicine and even fashion. In this workshop, participants work together using the processing programming language to design interactive ‘mixed-reality’ experiences. Hosted by DIDI faculty member Sayjel Patel.

Date: Saturday 9th February

Infographics Workshop

With the rise of data, learn a new design skill that will change the way you look at visual storytelling, with DIDI’s Dean, Hani Asfour. If a picture is worth a thousand word, a good infographic is worth a thousand pages!

Date: Saturday 23rd February

Design Jobs of the Future MENA – Talk

Join DIDI’s Dean, Hani Asfour, for a very special session as he reveals the MENA design jobs of the future; encompassing multimedia, product design, design management and fashion design. Explore and discuss what kind of designers are needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Date: Saturday 13th April 

Create Your Own Bioplastic – Workshop

A big part of innovation in contemporary manufacturing technologies, lies in the creation of new performative and sustainable materials. To raise awareness, and support the diffusion of bio-based plastic, this workshop will approach how to make bioplastics out of everyday ingredients and experimenting with making your own materials from scratch. We will investigate with moulds, coating materials and creating composites. Hosted by DIDI faculty member, Mirko Daneluzzo.

Date: Saturday 27th April

Design your First Computer Program 

From apps to the internet of things, and virtual reality to 3D printing, programming can provide a creative, expressive design medium to solve problems and create new experiences. With a focus on a sense of play, this workshop will demystify the world of coding for pre-college students and will help them get started in programming for design. Hosted by DIDI faculty, Sayjel Patel.

Date: Saturday 11th May

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