Dual Celebrations for Living Divani

50 + 30 Exhibition by Piero Lissoni marks two major landmarks.

Living Divani's 50 + 30 exhibition
Photo: Francesco Allegretti

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Living Divani brand and Piero Lissoni’s 30 years as Art Director, a maze of mirrors has been created in the historical spaces of Palazzo Crivelli in via Pontaccio 12 in Milan. This is the site of the first showing of The Uncollected Collection, a limited edition signed by the renowned designer.

Piero Lissoni ©Veronica Gaido

The structure that stretches across the green spaces of the palazzo provides a backdrop to the pieces of The Uncollected Collection of furnishing designed expressly for the garden. Two families of object are on display. One consists of full, colored and sinuous volumes to form impressive pieces of furniture. The other casts ethereal silhouettes of thin elements that quietly project the Italian ethos on the international scene.

Sedia from the Uncollection Collection
Tavolino from the Uncollection Collection

In Dubai, Living Divani is available at Caspiou on Sheik Zayed Road.


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