Create an identity – Korea Craft & Design Foundation at Downtown Design 2023

Creating an identity with Korea Craft & Design Foundation

GOT SERIES from ArijianGOT SERIES from Arijian

Create an identity campaign is all about the story of the brands. Their design aesthetics, creative approach, and overall contribution to the industry. This year identity magazine in collaboration with Downtown Design brings you the story behind some of the collectives featured at the milestone event.

Name of the curator/in charge for the collective: Yunkyung Seo (Head), Minjung Jang (Project Manager), Songlim Kim (Project Manager)

Is this the first time the collective is coming together at Downtown Design/Dubai Design Week?

KCDF is participating in Downtown Design/Dubai Design Week for the first time. It is a public institution under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea established to promote crafts and design. We are presenting the artworks of 6 Korean craft artists at this fair.

What can we expect from this edition of the Downtown Design’s exhibit?

In this exhibition, we present the artworks of artists who inherit and develop the traditional materials, techniques, shapes, and patterns of Korean crafts in a modern way.

What criteria were used to shortlist designers for this segment? How extensive was the selection process?

We selected participating artists mainly from Korean artists who participated in major overseas art fairs and international exhibitions. Among artists actively working in each field, artists with unique designs and original production methods were selected first.

Was there any specific sector you saw more participation from? (furniture/art/accessories)?

The exhibition focuses on art furniture and objects.

What does the collective aim to achieve with this edition of the fair? Any plans after the event gets done (opening of showroom, partnering up with local dealers, more exhibits, etc)?

The biggest goal is to raise awareness of Korean crafts by holding several exhibitions showcasing Korean crafts and forming networks with related institutions, companies, and organizations. In the long term, Dubai will be the base for visitors from the UAE and neighboring countries to visit. We will be able to open a showroom.

Which primary materials stand out in the showcased designs?

In particular, mother-of-pearl, which occupies a large proportion in this exhibition, is an element that decorates wood crafts along with lacquer. In Korea, techniques for handling mother-of-pearl were greatly developed during the Goryeo Dynasty(918-1392), reaching its heyday, and the tradition has continued to be used in various designs to the present day.

Are there any notable pieces you’d like to highlight? And any hints about the exhibition’s key showcases?

There are two mother-of-pearl artists who participated in this exhibition. Artist Daehyun Sohn presents works with a stronger traditional mood, and artist Jian Yoo presents mother-of-pearl art with a modern design. In addition, you can also see modern Korean design in the metal and glass fields. 

Our artists are internationally recognized by winning various craft awards, including being finalists at the Loewe Foundation Craft Award, and are demonstrating the possibility of expanding craft through collaboration with various fields such as interior design, fashion, and automobiles.


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