Benches custom-designed by Gufram feature in Milan’s BAM park

Four unique creations will each be shown – and sat on – for one week.

Nature Bench and Cloud Bench

Italian design brand Gufram has created four new benches for the BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Park (Library of the Trees) in Milan, which will be available for use by visitors until 14 February.

The benches are the result of a collaboration with high-tech brand Samsung, which commissioned Gufram to ‘subvert the image and the use of urban furniture with an imaginative look, enabling the public to interact with space in a manner never seen before’.

The first two benches – ‘Cloud Bench’, surmounted by an enormous white cloud; and ‘Nature Bench’, featuring broad leaves – were presented on 31 January and will be available to park visitors until 6 February. On 7 February the duo will be replaced by ‘Love Bench’, which takes the shape of a heart, and by ‘Family Bench’, which was born from the concept of a female student of the IED Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan.

The first two projects draw their inspiration from clouds and from nature, while the other two are a homage to love and the family, underscoring the radical, pop and playful spirit of Gufram. The project focuses on the Galaxy Note and its S Pen, and how they can help make Gufram’s ideas real.

“We are proud to be partners with a company like Samsung for this project dedicated to Milan, the first to see Gufram dealing with urban furniture,” said Charley Vezza, Creative Director of Gufram.