Bartoli Design + Rexa Design = O-O

The collaboration between these design powerhouses created a new generation of washbins.

The new O-O washbasins by Bartoli Design and Rex Design

We were thrilled to see the launch of O-O, a collaboration between two trusted ‘Made in Italy’ designers. With this family of basins, the Studio expresses some of their peculiar design features: clarity and harmonious forms bringing about an understated elegance.

As Bartoli Design explains, ‘O-O implements our design research to reach both a structural and aesthetic balance. In this case, two cylinders with very different proportions are combined to result in a family of washbasins. A wide basin, placed horizontally, stays on top of the column with a remarkable overhang’.

The geometric composition achieves an iconic appearance using simple and intelligible shapes. The strongly cantilevered basin shows a sort of suspended balance striking for its harmonious grace.

Offsetting the axis of supporting column and basin, and combining neat cylinders, with no junctions, each element has a specific function.

Finally, Bartoli Design explains: ‘We decided to present O-O in an ancient and noble material as marble, finished with a beautiful silky touch. The Corian® option is also available in the Glacier White, Cloud Grey and Nocturne Black colours’.

bartolidesign.it / rexadesign.it