An Ode to Heritage

An excerpt from Kader Mithani, Founder and CEO at Casamia about the brand’s ethos and design values

Pack sofa by EdraPack sofa by Edra

When we speak of brand heritage, what is that entails a brand to be coveted, inspirational and simply “awe-inspiring” at Casamia?

At Casamia, we tout ourselves as a “designer’s playground” and take great pride in the extensive variety of designer brands, collections, and products that we so selectively curate in our portfolio and across our showroom displays. You’ll often find that our in-store exhibits change every few months, or even within weeks for some because we consistently receive such iconic and design-centric collections from our partnering brands that it becomes imperative to indulge in a little exhibit play ourselves. 

I feel its important to share the prominence and prestigious heritage of these brands and collections by creating spaces that continually inspire and evoke ideas of awe-inspiring design for our visitors and clients, and re-invent time and again. Coveted brands like Edra or Caesar have an inherent appeal for us, with a reminiscence of our philosophy for design versatility and aesthetic excellence imbibed in their brand heritage. We dwell in design with the many iconic partnering brands and hold an appreciation for the craftsmanship with our showroom being the individualistic interpretation of design for these brands and designers as much as our own brand identity. 

Products from Caesar Ceramiche
Products from Caesar Ceramiche

Any peculiar design or inspiration that comes to mind?

Firstly, I would like to commend the exciting and continually evolving design landscape we are so privileged to be situated around, in the UAE. I admire the region’s profound amalgamation of differing tastes and preferences that come together so beautifully in the many structures, interiors and iconically designed spaces throughout the city, both commercial and residential. Its impressive to see a bedouin themed villa next to a modernly designed structure, and yet the two merge in the city’s landscape so effortlessly. 

This diversity helps us fortify our vision to continually seek brands and collections that explore spectrums of design and product innovation with a consumer taste that is imbibed in progressive and innovative design, fueling our passion for all that we do, and are, all the more.

For instance, Edra holds great heritage value for us, and as a brand is truly inspiring with the peculiar inspirations its collections are born out of. The “Pack” sofa designed by Francesco Binfaré at Edra, is one personal favourites of mine amongst the many prestigious pieces by the brand, and is as simplistic as n icepack as a base with a big bear lying on its side as a backrest. But it is the sense of belonging, the familiarity, and just the cocoon like sphere that sofa is meant to create that is so special and moving, the big bear that supports, embraces and welcomes, for a relaxing finally freed from any constraint. An essential balance between technology and beauty, between reason and instant wonder. 

Products from Caesar Ceramiche
Products from Caesar Ceramiche

The sofa represents as much as your own space to be, to lounge, and often even disconnect similar to a bear floating away on an ice cap commanding its own space, as much as it represents a youth-like reminiscence of your childhood creating a story woven with a polar bear character for pure fun and play. And what makes this a truer form of art is the craftsmanship behind the product, all brought to life with hands. The hands can sense, adapt, build, convey and achieve goals that machines simply cannot.

Any other aspect that binds or propels in terms of brand philosophy?

There is a more sustainability minded shift in consumer preferences, with clients definitely becoming more design-savvy but also eco-conscious in relevance to the materials they select, how they are produced, and how their use impacts their space and environment at large. 

Furthermore, we are also keen on curating collections of similar materials, and furthering the efforts of brands such as Ceasar Ceramiche that are invested in a holistic eco-conscious effort in producing and processing technologically advanced slabs. 

Its interesting how this does not limit the brand’s expertise in creating designs that compel, inspire and just make you truly dream in the space.  An Italian story, appreciated the world over, that talks about attention to the environment and safety, an aptitude for design and architecture solutions. The brand’s particular collection also nominated for the Archiproducts Design Awards is the Portraits collection. Surfaces that tells stories, Stories of people, places, world identities that come to life through spaces, environments, objects and are modernised in today’s everyday life. The ceramic material becomes a trace, a continuous evocation of multiple and shimmering landscapes, memories and suggestions.

Courtesy to stillife materica
Courtesy to stillife materica

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