Al Huzaifa launches new design studio

The new segment will be a showcase of signature closets and outdoor living.

For more than 40 years, Al Huzaifa has been curating the latest offerings for customers in the UAE. The success of Al Huzaifa is rooted in a deep understanding of customer preferences and the ability to deliver products that enhance the living experience.

“With decades of insights gained from working closely with our customers, we were inspired to broaden our vision beyond just furniture,” said Saif Nensey, CEO of Al Huzaifa. “This vision propels our growth as we diversify our offerings to provide a comprehensive solution and enhance the overall customer experience.”

One notable addition to Al Huzaifa’s repertoire is the Design Studio, a newly launched unit that collaborates with customers to craft their signature style. The design studio operates on three pillars: creating, composing, and curating. Fueled by in-house manufacturing capabilities, the Design Studio offers an integrated experience—from inspiration to installation—to bring customers’ dream spaces to life.

Saif Nensey describes it as, “Precision meets personalization in our Design Studio, where innovation is not just a buzzword—it’s what we do. We’ve harnessed our robust manufacturing platform to redefine the art of customized interiors.”

The Signature Closets range offers an innovative selection of closet systems, styles, and formats, providing a world of possibilities. From walk-in closets to pole-system minimalism that can be easily reconfigured, the range includes options such as winery cabinets, TV cabinets, and solutions for teenage bedrooms. Al Huzaifa’s innate sense of luxury is evident in the remarkable use of materials and finishes, creating a multi-sensory experience.

To showcase this specialized range, Al Huzaifa has unveiled the all-new Design Studio showroom. Conceptualized and brought to life by Nissa Nensey, Al Huzaifa’s co-founder, and her team of interior designers, this 12,000-square-foot space is located just a block away from the Al Wasl showroom and the first Design Studio. The showroom features a gallery of closets set in warm, residential settings. An exclusive team of design consultants is available to work closely with customers, translating their needs and ideas into personalized solutions. The Design Studio also includes meeting rooms where customers can explore an extensive library of materials.

Saif Nensey concludes, “This is not just about furniture; it’s about crafting your signature style at a whole new level. Signature Closets represent the fusion of manufacturing excellence and bold customization—luxury tailored to you, quite literally.” Al Huzaifa continues to redefine luxury living, offering a unique and personalized approach to interior design and home decor.

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