A look inside Monno Ristorante – a new trattoria designed by Aces of Space

A new trattoria in Dubai sets artisanal quality at the centre of its menu and its design

We love a homegrown concept and Monno Ristorante is the latest venue on our radar: an artisanal Italian eatery in the heart of Dubai’s Jumeirah neighbourhood.

The villa is charming and rustic, and the restaurant prides itself on its honesty, be it in the ingredients of its curated menu compiled by the owners – who are both pilots – and head chef Federico Bartoli, or in the design, which is not unlike a classic trattoria found on the back streets of quaint Italian towns.

The love for Italian design and cuisine clearly informs the overall experience, which oozes a rustic simplicity that suspends one reality’s of being in the hustle and bustle of urban Dubai. The bar area features a live pizza oven, while the main dining room and covered terrace are bathed in natural light and adorned with tables and chairs made from natural wood, as well as nostalgic chequered flooring, olive trees, jade green furnishings and cream linens.

“To capture the nostalgic Italian style, the materials form a key part of the design,” shares Andrew Theunissen, head of design and founder of Aces of Space. The honed stone floor is sourced from Italy and has been hand cut and laid in a contemporary version of a traditional Italian marble floor. European oak wood was used throughout the space, and sandblasted to achieve an aged look, while the walls have been manually patinated to allow for the rustic style to set.

“The plaster, wood and stone finishes form the backbone of the classic look of the restaurant. From classic Italian moulding details on the tabletops to the classic slatted bar counter finish – they all come together to speak the same aesthetic and design language,” Theunissen concludes.

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