50 years of Etro at MUDEC

The fashion house is celebrated its 50th anniversary with the exhibition, Generation Paisely.

Etro has chosen to celebrate its 50th anniversary with Generation Paisley, an exhibition at MUDEC in Milan.

The famous Italian fashion house – founded in 1968 by Gerolamo “Gimmo” Etro – with Generation Paisley has paid homage to the history of both the company and the family.

Not only 50 garments from the Etro collections were on display, but also elements from personal collections of the members of the family have been included in the exhibition.

Creative, rich, expressive and comprehensive, the exhibition was an immersive experience for the audience: welcomed by the canopy of a giant tree, the audience was led through a stylistic and analogic path over 5 rooms. The walls covered in fabrics, groups of pictures, mirror plays, digital and three-dimensional effects had given rise to an experience that estranges and looks familiar at the same time. A truly emotional kaleidoscope for Generation Paisley which allowed the audience to dive into the universe of Etro: a world where the cultural element is a hallmark and driving force and fashion is, in the first place, sensitivity of existence and meaning.

Bonaveri has been chosen to realise over 70 figures, including mannequins with an original handmade-trowelled chalk finish, customised covered busts, heads and accessories. These ethereal figures have introduced an additional expressive dimension to the whole storytelling, providing shape and body to the wonderful garments of the exhibition.

The history of the Maison starts with the manufacturing of fabrics for Haute Couture and prêt-à-porter brands, then evolves and finally turns into a fashion style with a strong identity worldwide. Etro converts ideas, experiences, signs, suggestions, places and culture into everyday objects: it is from an endless anthropological research that the garments and
accessories of the Maison come to life. The Paisley design, a pattern of the sprout of the date palm of Mesopotamian origin known as a symbol of fertility and longevity, has become a unique characteristic in the manufacturing of Etro over time. The symbol is a permanent reference in its works.

Etro has chosen the Museo delle Culture of Milan as a frame to this tale, for this place shares its views and sensitivity to different cultures and wonders of the world.

The history of the brand has met the permanent collection within the museum, starting an unexpected yet engaging dialogue for the lovers of fashion, art and design.

Bonaveri was born in 1950 in Renazzo di Cento (FE), these days it’s just a synonym for Mannequins, and in every place quality fashion beats – being a shop, a museum, a photo shoot, a scenography – Bonaveri’s mannequins are there.


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