Christian Sieger

Christian Sieger

id Design Awards welcomes Christian Sieger to the prestigious jury that will evaluate the international submissions to determine the most outstanding in each category. Christian Sieger along with his brother Michael has taken over the helm of Sieger Design. Originally an architecture agency begun by their father Dieter, the sons has expanded the scope of their services to create a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving.

Christian Sieger joins the id Design Awards 2019 jury

In addition to its work as a full-service design agency, it now acts as a think tank and designer for an expanding own-brand collection of vibrant furniture and iconic table and homeware objects. While Michael tends to work behind the scenes on new designs, Christian is the manager and marketing director who represents the company to the outside world. As he said, “Who’s going to be interested in something that nobody sees?”

Collection MY CHINA! Wunderkammer from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG
Sip of Gold collection from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG

He has forged relationships with such companies as Alape, Dornbracht, Duravit and Trilux. Their long association with bathroom design led to Sieger Design’s Small Size Premium Spa, a customizable space that promotes a sense of wellness with a diminutive footprint.

Christian Sieger’s career milestones include projects with Deutsche Bahn, Sony and airberlin as well as developing innovative marketing concepts. He was awarded the Simon Taylor Award for Lifetime Achievement when he was only forty-seven.

Wash basin Steel19 designed for Alape by sieger design

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