Interior Design 



Awarded to the best interior design of any dwelling – including apartments, villas, hotel apartments or holiday homes


Awarded to a space primarily dedicated to work including offices, studios and co-working spaces


Celebrating the best in hospitality design inclusive of all public and private areas for hotels and resorts across the MENA region


Awarded to an interior space which people visit to eat and drink including restaurants and cafés


Awarded to any interior space dedicated primarily to drinking and socialising including bars, clubs and event spaces

Health + Wellness 

Awarded to an interior space dedicated to health and well-being including healthcare centres, hospitals, spas, gyms, yoga and meditation studios and salons

Public Space

Awarded to an interior space that is open to public use, including spaces for education, shopping as well as cultural and entertainment activities

Design of the Year – Interior Design 

Jury selects the best interior design project from amongst the winning projects across the Interior Design categories




apartment buildings and villas within both urban and non-urban settings


Awarded to any building within the hospitality sector, from large-scale resorts to boutique hotels and guest houses

Public building

Awarded to any building that serves the public or is used by the community including schools, university buildings, hospitals, infrastructure projects and masterplans, airports, community centres and government buildings as well as shopping malls and banks

Cultural building

Awarded to any project dedicated to culture or cultural activities including cultural centres, museums, art galleries, religious spaces, theatres, opera houses, and concert halls

Design of the Year – Architecture

Jury selects the best interior design project from amongst the winning projects across the Architecture categories

General categories  


Product Design 

Awarded to furniture or product designs designed in and/or crafted in the MENA region

Outdoor Space 

Awarded to any project located outdoors from outdoor dining, installations and public space projects to gardens and beaches

Project of the Future  

Awarded to any innovative interior or architectural project that is under construction or nearing construction phase

People’s Choice  

Ahead of the identity Design Awards gala event, the People’s Choice Award allows guests to vote for their favourite project among the shortlisted projects across all categories

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